Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are door locks that sit within a pocket on the side of the door itself, which creates a smooth, subtle and flush finish. Due to the way mortice locks sit within a door instead of being mounted onto the door surface, mortice locks are most commonly used with wooden doors. 

There are a number of different mortice locks available here at Door Superstore, with differing levels of security, designs and suitability. If you have any questions about which mortice lock would be best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch – call the team on 01752 422501 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

3 lever mortice locks

A three lever mortice lock is a mortice lock which has three levers, which sit across the door when locked into place. A three lever mortice lock is generally used in situations where security is not a key focus, and is most commonly used internally in domestic buildings, for example on the door between the garage and the house, or on a storeroom or office where extra privacy is required. 

5 lever mortice locks

A five lever mortice lock is a mortice lock with five levers, which move across from the door to the door frame when activated with a key. A five lever mortice lock is more secure than a 3 lever mortice lock due to the extra levers sitting across the door.

Due to the added security of the extra levers of the lock, 5 lever mortice locks are most commonly used on external doors. Five lever mortice locks are specified by insurance companies when you insure your home, so it is important to ensure all your external locks are 5 lever mortice locks that have been insurance rated. 

Take a look at your 5 lever mortice lock – if it has the British Standard 3621 kitemark stamped on the face of the locking mechanism, your door lock has been manufactured to BS3621.


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