External Fire Doors

Fire safety is an integral part of a building’s infrastructure, and external fire doors are becoming increasingly common both in applications where they are essential, and as extra security. Here at Door Superstore we have a range of external fire doors that can be used on your property, in a number of different designs to suit your home. 

What are fire doors?

Fire doors have been manufactured in such a way that they help to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. When fire doors are fitted correctly, with fire rated accessories including fire rated hinges and locks, the fire door will act as a secure barrier.

Fire doors can be rated FD30 or FD60. FD30 rated fire doors offer 30 minutes of resistance against fire and smoke, whilst FD60 rated fire doors provide 60 minutes of resistance. Often, 30 minutes provides enough time for the evacuation of people and animals, but in cases where this is not sufficient, an FD60 door should be used.

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