Fire Rated Door Blanks

Fire door blanks are solid construction fire-rated flush doors that can be cut down to any size. They’re ideal for purchasing in bulk as they can be installed throughout a home or throughout a large construction project once they’ve been painted. Fire door blanks come un-finished so they just need painting before they can be installed. 

Fire door blanks are perfect for trade customers as they’re less expensive than fully finished flush fire doors and offer more variety. Choose to paint them plain white for fitting in a modern, new-build project or opt for a wood stain finish for a more traditional looking application. High quality, strong and durable FD30 fire door blanks are a tool that all carpenters should have in their arsenal to keep costs down and to have a solution for all clients. 

FD30 fire rated door blanks require three fire-rated hinges to support the weight of the doors. Whichever solid core door blanks you need, check out the range to discover ideal solutions for your requirements. 

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