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Building regulations have been updated and fire doors are becoming increasingly common, even when not dictated by building regulations. When installing a fire door, you must also consider the frame and door lining – the performance of a fire door is reliant on all door accessories and hardware also being fire-rated, without the correct fire rated hardware a fire door will not perform as standard. 

Here at Door Superstore, we stock a range of fire-rated doors, door frames and linings for your fire door, all of which can be used for FD30 doors (doors that have been tested to withstand fire for at least 30 minutes). Choose from softwood frames or MDF frames (medium-density fibreboard).

Softwood is the more traditional door frame material and is renown for being strong and durable. It is also chosen for its aesthetics and can also be stained or painted in different ways to add a sense of individuality – fire doors don’t have to mean a compromise on appearance! Alternatively, MDF frames do not warp or crack, unlike traditional wooden doors, which can be a great benefit in fire doors, and they MDF fire doors are often manufactured on a moisture-resistant core. Additionally, they have much smaller grains than softwood, meaning that if you’re looking to paint your door frame this may be of benefit.

Choose between unfinished fire-rated frames and linings which allows you to add the finishing touches, or primed and ready to install for ease and simplicity. Choose between pre-made frames to fit the size of your doorway or door linings that slot together, and that you can cut and fit the correct size of your door.

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