Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed fire doors are stylish and versatile. Their design is a useful option for many homes where fire safety is a concern or where building regulations need to be met.

Protect your home and family whilst maintaining a traditional or modern appearance thanks to clear, obscure or etched glazing. Obscure glazing is perfect as a stylish fire door for a bedroom or the bathroom. Whereas etched glazing provides extra design detail for living rooms or internal porch doors. The possibilities where a glazed fire door can be used is vast.  

Choose from a range of sizes amongst fire rated doors. It's worth noting the thickness of existing doors that are being replaced as door frames may need to be replaced too as a glazed fire door is thicker than non-fire rated doors. However, even if they are thicker and heavier, there’s no other discernable difference to fire doors apperances. 

When fitting internal glazed fire doors, you must do so with fire rated hinges and handles. Not using these prevents a way to open a fire door in the event of a fire as the door is at risk of warping from the frame. The hinges must also be self-closing as fire doors must always be kept shut.

A domestic fire door typically needs just 30 minutes of fire protection. This means doors rated ‘FD30’. FD30 doors give homeowners 30 minutes of protection from flames and smoke. 

If you want a greater amount of light entering the house, external door frames with sidelights can be an excellent solution. With this type of glazed door, you can have the fire rated door you need and improved quality of light for the property. 

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