Panelled Fire Doors

Panelled fire doors combine fire safety with the fresh style of panelling. There’s no compromise over finish, looks or colour. You can even rely on how effective these doors are at protecting from fire. Whether you’re after a traditional six-panelled fire door with an oak finish or a modern one-panelled fire door with a white painted finish, there’s an option here for you. 

Discover panelled fire doors from the likes of JB KindPremdor and XL Joinery. Choose between contemporary and classic stylings, all whilst making positive steps towards the safety of family and friends in your home. 

When installed with fire-rated hinges and intumescent fire seals, panelled fire doors with an FD30 rating will prevent fire from advancing past a closed door for 30 minutes. It will also stop smoke from billowing out, giving residents more time to escape.

Browse fire-rated panelled doors below and click the product links for more information. If you need further advice, use our helpline or open the live chat to speak to our customer service team for support. 

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