PVCu Fire Doors

PVCu doors are becoming increasingly popular in homes due to their affordability, ease of maintenance and increased security. Made from polyvinyl chloride, PVCu doors have the plasticising agents removed, which makes them sturdy and rigid. 

Due to changes in building regulations, fire doors are now required in two storey homes that have an integral garage, any doors that connect to the stairwell in three storey homes (including loft conversions), and commercial buildings. PVCu doors are an alternative to the more traditional wooden doors, and come with a range of benefits. Not only are the doors lightweight, budget friendly, secure, ready to be installed and easily maintained, they are also coated with flame retardants skins that are self-extinguishing after the flame is removed, and the cores are also fire resistant. 

All our PVCu fire doors have been tested in accordance with British Standards to ensure they are rated to provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire protection. Don’t forget, for fire doors to be installed in accordance with building regulations, all door hardware and accessories must also be fire rated. We stock fire rated handles, hinges, latches, door frames and more here at Door Superstore.


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