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Never has fire safety and fire-rated material been more important or the focus of so much chat in the building industry. In the light of recent tragic events commercial and industrial building owners, as well as domestic property owners, have come to understand how severe the consequences are of not fire-proofing a property. Each of the domestic fire doors in the fire door range offers at least 30 minutes of fire protection, giving residents time to leave the building safely and going some way to protecting against smoke and dangerous fumes. Each fire rating is backed up by comprehensive independent testing and certifications to enusre FD30 doors perform as expected. 

Just because you’re opting for a fire door doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or finish though. Choose from a number of unique oak veneer fire doors, white fire doors and much more. Including internal fire doors with glass panels. Discover panelled, glazed internal fire doors, flush and moulded internal fire doors that all provide a sleek, contemporary or traditional door style which doesn’t look like a bulky protective door. To pair with fire doors a range of hinges and locks which are fire-rated but offer style and appeal are available too. You can also discover 4 panel fire doors and make those fire doors with glass look much more attractive in your property. 

Check out the range of fireproof doors we have in our online store. Whether that may be glass fire doors combined with standard wooden fire doors or other styles, we've got you covered. 

Fire door frames, hinges, locks and more

Here at Door Superstore we offer white internal fire doors, internal glazed fire doors and more complete with all the ironmongery needed to ensure fire safety. It’s recommended though that as fire doors are more often heavier than regular doors, three hinges is better than two to support the weight and make the doors easier to open in an emergency. Fire door hinges are also typically self-closing so that it’s always closed should an emergency arise. 

Fire door frames and linings are essential to a complete fire door system as if the frame gives way quickly to fire then the fire can escape around the door, rendering the bulk of the door itself useless. These fire door frames are as a discrete as the doors themselves, offering a good-looking and ‘typical’ door lining.  

What's the difference between FD30 fire doors and FD60 fire doors? 

The difference between FD30 fire doors and FD60 fire doors is how long they're certified up to in a fire. FD30 fire doors as suggested from the name can offer up to 30 minutes of fire resistance to allow occupants of a building time to escape. FD60 fire doors offer up to 60 minutes of fire protection and these doors are more commonly used in heavy-duty areas or in hotels and other large-scale residential areas. FD30 fire doors are common in homes, offices and commercial spaces. 

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