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2 panel doors are doors that literally feature 2 distinct design panels to create a certain look. The two panels can be in any arrangement on the door (typically either vertically split or horizontally split) and they don’t have to be symmetrical either. 2 panelled doors are very common in the UK as they’re a low-cost yet stylish option that’s easy to match and easy to adapt to any interior style.

For example, 2 panel interior doors from Door Superstore can be purchased with or without glazing. Glazing for 2 panel doors come in three options: Chantilly, Contour, or Minster. Homeowners can opt to install the same 2 panel door across their home, but each door could have a different type of glazing that contributes to the style and interior of the room it gives access too. Opting for traditional or for contemporary glazing can changes the look of a 2 panel door dramatically.

2 panel doors can of course not have any glazing at all and be made entirely of timber. An oak finish or a a white painted finish can be the difference between traditional and modern styling whilst pre-finished doors leave you with complete creative control. A variety of sizes bolsters this range as the same door can be purchased, for consistency around the home, in all the sizes needed for a no-cut installation.

Standard doors, moisture resistant doors and fire doors only increase the versatility and the convenience of opting for a 2-panel door. Moisture resistant doors allow for installation in kitchens and bathrooms where the wood might be susceptible to more damp than usual. 2 panel fire doors allow for installation in strategic fire safety locations such as in the hallway or near a staircase.

You can also discover 2 panel arched internal doors for that unique feel theme in your home. 

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