Door Locks & Latches

From a standard and secure mortice lock for internal doors to heavy duty British Standard deadbolt locks for external doors and gates, Door Superstore has a range of locks and bolts so property owners and installers can find a matching lock for their door. Internal door locks like mortice locks, rim locks and bathroom door locks sit in this range alongside heavy-duty options like sash locks, hasp and staple locks, and night latches. Modern external door locks, like smart locks, will bring your home into the 21st century! Check out the range of interior door locks available and ensure you have a door lock set suited to your doors.

Door Catches and Door Latches

A variation of catches and latches are common around the home as different doors need to be closed and secured in different ways. For example, a pair of magnetic cupboard door catches would be the perfect addition to any kitchen, ensuring the cupboard doors stay firmly shut. Adjoining rooms like dining rooms and living rooms that often have just a sliding door or French doors can also benefit from an unobtrusive catch that doesn’t lock. A roller catch or a hook and eye look can be a simple solution for this.

Padlocks and Combination Padlocks

Padlocks and combination padlocks aren’t often used around the home but they can be used commercially and personally too. Present in gyms, locker rooms and even gas storage cages up and down the country, a combination padlock is the perfect product for use of a padlock when carrying a key would be inefficient or a disadvantage. Think, for example, if four people need the key for a padlock, this becomes more of a liability when instead those 4 people could secure the combination in their heads. "

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