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Door handles from Door Superstore have been hand-chosen to ensure that there’s a complimentary door handle for every internal and external door available, including a range of cupboard door handles too. From contemporary designs to more traditional and classic styles, we've got a variety of internal door handles for you. Interior door handles are the finishing touch that can make all the difference to the final look of a door or room. Every home is different and aims to achieve a different look, so we’ve ensured there’s a door handle available for every property style.

Lever handles on a backplate offer a traditional and classic look that’s popular in period properties, typically with large timber doors. Backplates often have practical features so they’re not just good-looking. Features include keyholes where appropriate and ornate detailing too. Backplate door handles come in a range of finishes that all look great on timber doors, so the design choice really is yours! 

Door handles on rose are the most popular internal door handle for a modern look as the circular backplate can be very complementary to surrounding design features. Chrome is a popular finish for rose door handles too as it can match any colour scheme as well as coincide with light fixtures and fittings. Again, rose door handles are available in a range of finishes and designs. 

Bathroom door handles for homes don’t need to lock for security but for privacy instead, so you could opt for a latch instead of a lockable handle with a key for example. Hardwearing latches on bathroom door handles means they’ll withstand daily wear and tear and all sorts of use, including any near-intrusions where the lock may have to withstand some force!

Door knobs and cupboard door knobs

Door knobs and cupboard door knobs can be found here in many colours and finishes so the perfect match can be found for your door. Black, brown or white painted door knobs offer a more contemporary and subtle look whilst finishes such as black iron, chrome, or brass all give a modern and bold look. Opt for glass door knobs for an added level of sophistication, or ornate antique brass detailing for a truly authentic look. 

Cabinet handles

Cabinet handles include cabinet knobs, cabinet pull handles and cabinet cup handles too. Cup handles are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom cupboards as it’s quite an industrial style that complements a rustic or more classic kitchen. Finishes for cabinet cup handles include brass, chrome and cast iron for more choice. 

For more info on the different types of door handle available, check out our guide here.

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