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Here at Door Superstore we have a complete range of doors for you to choose from, and we are confident that we have a door to suit every home and property. When looking at internal doors, 4 panelled doors are one of the most popular styles.

When choosing your 4 panel door there are a range of factors to consider. Firstly, decide what shape panels you want in your 4 panel door. Choose from the traditional vertical panels of even sizing, or an alternative, such as 1 larger panel and 3 smaller ones such as the Edwardian style doors, or a shaker door which has 4 evenly sized panels running down the door. 

If you want a traditional wooden 4 panel door you can choose from the classic oak, clear pine or knotty pine. These doors can be supplied as unfinished, to give you the choice of stain, varnish or paint, pre-finished which means you can fit them straight away. Alternatively, pick a primed 4 panel door which has been finished with smooth white prime, and can be painted or lacquered if needed.

The next option to consider is glazing. Do you want a 4 panel interior door with glazing in to allow light into the room, or would a solid door without glazing be more suitable? When looking at glazing in your 4 panel door you can choose from an unglazed door, which allows you to source your own glass, particularly useful if you want decorative glazing or are have glazing from a previous door, or purchase a glazed door.

When purchasing doors, remember that you will require hinges, latches, handles and more – here at Door Superstore we have a wide range of door hardware and accessories to choose from to create the perfect 4 panel interior door set.

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