PVCu Doors

PVCu, or uPVC doors as they were previously known, are considered as a simple and budget friendly alternative to timber doors, a perfect bright and lightweight replacement for internal doors in your home.

Why choose a PVCu door?

PVCu doors are much more affordable than many doors on the market. Made from polyvinyl chloride, it’s a lightweight plastic that, when plasticising agents are removed, is rigid, making it suitable for building doors and windows with. As well as being inexpensive, PVCu doors are also high quality and durable. 

Additionally, PVCu doors are simple and easy to maintain, not requiring any paintwork, staining or varnish to retain their durability, and many outer skins include an anti-microbial which helps to prevent and reduce the growth of micro-organisms to improve cleanliness. The skins also have high chemical resistance, and are flame retardant, preventing fires from further spreading, and are also self-extinguishing once the flame has been removed. 

Here at Door Superstore we have a range of PVCu internal doors available, depending on the style you’re looking for. We offer glazed, traditional 2 panel and more contemporary internal styles of PVCu door, and all can be made to measure so that they are the perfect fit for your home. 


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