Bathroom Door Locks

Bathroom door locks are less about security and more about extra privacy for the user. These door locks have a release functionality that offers an override so that in emergency situations the door can be unlocked from the outside by using a thin implement to move the thumbturn lock. There is a bathroom door lock in this range to suit every style of internal door handles and locks offered so that there’s style consistency and coordination throughout. 

Bathroom locks are typically in sash lock style with a latch and deadbolt. They’re a common choice in homes and private residences since they’re a lot more convenient than operating a bathroom door with a key. For commercial spaces or communal areas, a bathroom door lock with an indicator is useful. When the lock is engaged the indicator displays that the bathroom is in use, increasing privacy. 

Turn and release locks are a lot more useful and practical for bathroom door locks than key locks thanks to their ‘easy access’ nature in an emergency. Most of these bathroom door locks come with a striking plate and fixings too so all that’s left to do on receipt of a bathroom lock is install it. 

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