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Door bolts and door chains, also known as dead bolts, give homeowners, tenants and residents a higher level of security than just one external door lock. For use domestically deadbolts prevent any unwanted entry when in place and door chains give those inside a chance to assess who’s at the door before they unlock it entirely. Peace of mind is given to occupants of a domestic and commercial building with door bolts and door chains so they’re worth it even if the chance of someone unauthorized trying to gain access to your property is slim. 

Deadbolts are often used in conjunction with a spring-bolt lock on external doors but they can also be used externally on sheds and outbuildings when combined with a padlock or combination padlock, for example. They’re notoriously resilient to entry without the key. Less heavy duty versions of deadbolts can also be used on bathroom doors or bedroom doors for increased privacy when somebody is inside but in an emergency it’s hard to gain entry, especially if people inside are unresponsive. 

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