Hasp & Staple Locks

Hasp and staple locks are the types of lock that are a classic shed door lock. They feature a ‘latch’ which bridges the door and the wall to be locked with a padlock. Hasp and staple locks can be as simple as the plain and undetailed type you’d find on a common household shed or these locks can also be ornate and detailed to create a gorgeous feature on outbuildings, garden studios and workshops. They can be used on domestic buildings, commercial warehouses and stores, and industrial areas such as storage units. Smaller hasp and staple locks can be used internally for cabinets or for secure storage underneath eaves in a converted loft for example. 

Here at Door Superstore hasp and staple locks are manufactured from durable, reliable and long-lasting materials with a variety of finishes. Black, zinc-plated or antique iron finishes means customers can match the hasp and staple lock to other detailing in and around the door for a more seamless and discrete lock. 

Sizes range from 38mm hasp and staple locks for cabinets (ideal for medicines in a family home with young children) up to 150mm hasp and staple locks which will be best placed on garden gates or outbuildings. 


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