Cylinder Locks

When considering the best door lock for your home, choosing the correct lock cylinders can be tricky as you need to know what size you need to buy. Not all lock cylinders will fit into every door as the size is determined by the thickness of the door and of the handle. There are many sizes available, and to help suit the existing finishings on the doors, a range of finishes too. Brass and nickel are the most popular finishes but aluminium, chrome and silver are options too. 

Lock cylinders are either euro-shaped or oval-shaped so it’s important to be sure which you need. Euro-shaped cylinders are the most common in the UK and as such there are more sizes and brands to choose from. Lock cylinders can be found in an array of styles so that doors can be locked from both sides or just from one side with a key. The benefit of a thumb turn lock cylinder, for example, is that a key can be used to lock it from the outside while a thumb turn can be used on the inside. Thumb turn lock cylinders are perfect for shop or restaurant bathrooms. 

There are a number of different lock cylinders available here at Door Superstore, with differing levels of security, designs and suitability. If you have any questions about which would be best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just call the team on 01752 422501 or use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

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