Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners as technology improves and new, more reliable forms of security are being created. Your home is where all your valuables are kept, and most importantly where your family is, so keeping your home secure is of the utmost importance. Using smart technology, you can have complete control of access to your home even when you’re not there. Smart locks, also known as digital locks, let you control access to and from your home without being home.

Why use a smart lock?

Smart locks enable you to be in control of your home without the need for a key. If a key is lost it can fall into the wrong hands and the person who finds it will have access to your home. However, with a smart lock, if a key tag is lost, access can be removed immediately. 

As technology develops, mobile phones have become the only thing you need to carry, and with a smart lock this is no different – as well as key cards, pin numbers and key fobs, you can also have mobile keys, so all you need to open the door is your phone.

With increasingly busy lives, you’re not always home to let people in, but family or friends may need access to something in your home. If this is the case, you can add and remove users, and decide when they are able to access your home. All you have to do is send them a mobile key to their phone, and this will grant them access within the time scale you choose.

If you’re spending the evening out, you no longer need to worry over whether family members have made it home safely, the app will allow you to see who enters and leaves the property, and you can also receive a notification when someone gets home.

Smart locks have brought home security into the 21st century, allowing you to live busy lives and use your smartphone to streamline, grant and monitor access to your home.

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