From Amtech, Securit and Sterling, padlocks and combination padlocks at Door Superstore are sturdy, durable and secure whether you need something domestically or commercially. Padlocks come with at least 2 keys in every instance so you can keep one away for safe-keeping. Take your pick from steel cable padlocks, hasp and staple padlocks and padbolt padlocks. 

How do padlocks work?

Padlocks have sturdy, durable metal housing which contains a cylindrical lock known as a pin-tumbler lock. The lock uses an upper and lower set of metal pins that must be in the correct place to turn the lock. Every key has a ‘profile’, which is the series of metal peaks and troughs (pins) which goes into the lock. If the profile of the key matches the lock then the upper pins will be moved upwards, into the correct place. When the upper pins are raised to the correct levels by the key pins, the cylinder is free to turn. If the key doesn’t match then the upper pins are across the lock and the cylinder so the cylinder cannot move. 

Padlocks are extremely hard to break into for two reasons. The first of which is that the series of pins that needs to be in order is very precise and must be an exact match to the key. The second is that, even if somebody tried to fake the key pins, you can’t see them and it’s all trial and error. 

How do combination padlocks work?

Used in gyms, workplaces and on bicycles around the country, combination padlocks are a portable lock that are typically used when having to carry around the matching key would be impractical. Each number of the combination has its own wheel and pin. A 4-digit combination for example has 4 wheels each with their own pin. 

As numbers are entered in to the combination padlock the pin touches the wheel inside as it moves. This happens for each wheel for each number and once the pins are all in the correct place, determined when the user sets the combination in the first instance, a metal bar will drop allowing the combination padlock to open. 

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