Unglazed Internal Doors

Unglazed internal doors are internal doors with all common features, such as keyholes or 2-panelled design for example, but without the glazing. There is space cut out for glazing to be installed but this is down to the fitter or the homeowner to obtain and install the glass. Whilst for some this may be an inconvenience; most homeowners view this is a fantastic opportunity to have bespoke internal door glazing. 

It’s easy to customise an unglazed internal door or to re-use existing glazing from another door that you might want to keep. Unglazed internal doors are usually cheaper as they don’t come with the glazing too, so re-using glazing is a great option for those on a budget. Another common use of unglazed internal doors is using the space to create a room feature. Opting for a large stained-glass installation between the porch and the hallway of your home for example will create a stunning effect on those entering and will create a striking look when the sun shines through. 

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