Door Hardware

When updating or decorating your home, doors can be a great way to completely uplift or change a room. Here at Door Superstore we stock a wide range of doors, door furniture and more to help you to find and install the perfect doors for your home, and door hardware is a category that many people forget about. Although the door is the main focus, it’s important to ensure you have all the hardware required to create the finished product, including sliding door hardware for pocket doors.

Doorbells & Knockers

Our doorbells and chimes are perfect for your front door. Choose from a modern chrome styled doorbell, a Victorian door bell button or an antique style doorbell to add practicality and style to your front door. Alternatively, door knockers come in a wide range of designs and colours, from a classic antique ring knocker, to brass animal heads and urns, or select a more contemporary minimalist slimline door knocker to add the finishing touch to your front door.

Cylinder Pulls

Cylinder pulls are designed to fit around rim cylinder locks, creating a smooth finish and adding an extra point of contact to close the door with. Here at Door Superstore we offer a wide range of colours, material and finishes, from antique cast iron cylinder pulls to brass, and chrome.  


Escutcheons are designed to surround a keyhole or door handle to create a smooth and clean finish. As well as providing an aesthetic improvement to your door, they also protect the door and the rough edges at the point of the handle fitting. 

Letter Plates

Letter plates provide the perfect finish to your front door. At Door Superstore we stock a selection of different styles, colours and finishes to suit your door, from simple minimalistic white designs, to letter plates with knockers and draught excluder seals that help reduce heat lost by up to 35%.

Door Numbers

Personalise your entrance, making it stand out and ensuring visitors can find you with our selection of door numbers and letters. Choose from stainless steel, brass, chrome and antique black and affix to your door straight away.

Rain Deflectors

Don’t forget to install a rain deflector or weather bar to your front door. These will prevent rain water from collecting underneath your door, preventing potential water damage. We stock a range of rain deflectors to suit your home, from aluminium and plastic to traditional wooden weatherbars, and all can be cut to size to ensure it fits perfectly on your door.

Door Closers

Door closers are handy in properties where doors do not always close themselves, or close too quickly. They prevent doors from slamming, but ensure they close to reduce heat loss and energy bills. Fire rated door closers are essential on fire rated doors to comply with building regulations – they prevent fire doors from staying open, which will help prevent fire spreading. Additionally, we stock industrial and commercial fire rated door closures, some of which are hydraulic for maximum weight doors. Gate closers follow the same principle as door closers – they prevent gates from slamming, but ensure they remain closed, which increases security for livestock and other animals – gates cannot be left open to let animals escape.

Door Stops

Many doors open very easily and can often result in damage to nearby walls when swung open. If this is the case in your property, door stops are a simple, cheap and practical way to combat this. Simply mount them on the skirting board and it will prevent the door handles from damaging the wall and reduce damage to the door as well. Alternatively, we stock a wide range of door stops that can be mounted on the floor or free to move from room to room. You can use these to protect furniture or cabinets that are located behind doors in rooms that are limited for space - take a look at our animal themed door stops, great for children’s bedrooms!

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