Door Stops

In the last couple of years door stops have come on leaps and bounds in terms of design and becoming an actual design point of a home. Many homeowners write them off as being a clunky and unattractive addition to a room when the reality is that door stops come in a range of styles and finishes. Door stops can now be an attractive piece in a room that adds a sophisticated, truly finished feel. 

Not only this but door stops are hugely practical too of course. They can act as door holders by stopping internal doors from slamming with the wind, or with force, into a wall or surface throughout the home. Particularly useful for bathrooms and kitchens too, where the door may open on to furniture. Doors can chip paint, scratch surfaces, dent plasterboard and of course, damage themselves too but with wall-mounted or floor-mounted door stoppers this can easily be prevented. 

Which type of door stop do I need? 

Surprisingly to some there are different types of door stops for all types of situations. For example, a spring wall-mounted door stops is a coiled stop which attaches to the skirting board. When the door opens too far it strikes the spring door stop stopping contact with the wall etc, and essentially bouncing the door back. These come in a range of finishes, so they can suit any modern or traditional interior. 

If your door doesn’t hit a wall, then there’s a range of floor-mounted door stops which can be positioned anywhere along the path of the door. They’re great for protecting furniture or cabinets behind the door, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where space may be limited. Installing floor-mounted door stops lets you make the most of your space too as you can use the space behind the door instead of writing the area off.

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