Home Safes and Key Safes

Key safes are a secure way to give access to your home to people you authorise. To let people in all you need to do is give them the combination to the key safe where they can find the key. This is perfect for people who work full time or are often away from home and they need to let in tradespeople or just neighbours to feed the cats. They’re extremely durable and should be mounted to a wall for maximum security. A combination of up to 10 digits can be selected. With a code of 4 digits there could be 10,000 possible combinations so choosing a 10-digit code will make the combination impossible to guess to strangers. 

Home Safes

High security home safes are a good idea to secure important family documents from passports to life insurance policies. Ensure everything in your home is safe like valuable possessions or jewellery, all whilst knowing it won’t be scratched by the durable, resilient manufacture of the safe as the insides are often lined with felt or other plush materials. 


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