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Door liners is the name given to internal door frames. They tend to be thinner than external door frames as they aren’t exposed to the elements, but most internal timber frames benefit from a moisture-resistant core to eliminate damp or rotten timber in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Fire rated frames are gaining in popularity as homeowners are becoming savvier about the dangers of fire. Nearly all our door linings are fire rated, which is essential if you’re using a door cashing with a fire door. As with all fire safety products, ensure you follow the individual instructions that come with your door lining when installing it. 

There are plenty of colours to choose from in this range including oak, black, brown and walnut. Our internal door frames are available fully finished, primed or unfinished, and are supplied by brands including Mendes and XL Joinery.

Once you've found the right door lining, don't forget to complete the look with our wide range of door furniture and accessories!

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