Skirting Boards

Skirting boards cover the join between the wall and the floor. This was traditionally used to cover the join because it was often a challenge to perfect the wet plastering of the wall at the bottom but was also used for decorative purposes – in older grand houses they may have skirting boards with intricate designs, panels or moulding.

Today they are still used because they provide a barrier at the bottom of the wall, protecting it from accidental knocks by people, furniture and equipment, and can also be used to hide imperfect floors or walls. They can also be used to hide wiring behind, improving the aesthetics of the room. Skirting sets, also known as, skirting board sets, come in easy-to-fit packs for convenience.

No matter what style of home you are redecorating, building or rejuvenating, here at Door Superstore we have a skirting board set to fit. From traditional profiles to modern profiles or the popular ogee skirting design, there are a range of styles to suit your home and choose between varnished for simplicity and time-saving, or unvarnished to add individuality and ensure it matches the room.

Don't forget to also ensure you have the correct door linings, casings and frames to create the perfectly finished doorway.

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