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When installing a new door, it’s important to consider the door frame, internal door lining or casing from which you can hang your door. Door frames are used for external doors, whilst door linings and casings are used for internal doors, and all form a frame within which you fit the door. The difference between a lining or a casing is that door casings come with a rebate for the door, whilst door linings are supplied with the loose door stop instead which is fitted once the door is installed. Door casings and linings can be supplied with trenches, meaning there are grooves cut in them for ease of installation.

Here at Door Superstore, we stock a wide range of door frames, casings and linings, so that you can find the perfect one for your door. Choose between a classic oak casing for a traditional look to your doorway, or an MDF frame – MDF linings and casings are constructed from medium-density fibreboard to have a lightweight, smooth door with no warping or knots.

Many of our door frames, linings and casings are fire rated, meaning that they can be used with fire rated doors to provide a doorway that can help prevent the spread of fire in an emergency.

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