Door Knob Packs

Sometimes the smallest changes can be the most effective, and the simplest thing such as replacing door knobs in your home can completely transform a room. However, when replacing a door or installing a new door, you often need more than just the door knob – hinges, latches and more are not supplied with the door itself. 

Instead of just purchasing the door knob, why not get a door knob pack? In door knob packs we give you everything but the door! Included in the pack are latches and hinges, to ensure that all accessories are matching to give your door the finishing touch you want. 

We’ve ensured we have a range of door knob packs to suit every home, whether you’re replacing a bathroom door, a passage door or a bedroom door. Included in your door knob pack will be hinges, latches, door knobs and any fixings required to attach them to your door and give it a brand new look. Choose from black iron door knob packs, Victorian style door knob packs and more, and choose between oval and ball shaped door knobs depending on your preference.


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