D Handles

Often the simplest changes can transform your home or room, and sometimes changing your door handles are a cost-effective and easy way to change the look of your home. 

D handles are one of the most popular door pull handles to have in your home, due to their simplicity, ease of use, grip and the variety of designs to choose from.  

For antique styles, period properties and traditional cottages we have a range of cast iron antique pull handles to use on your doors. They are created to look and feel as if they have been in use for many years, retaining that traditional feel, and are simple to fit your door. 

Bowed door pull handles are a popular choice when looking at D handles, used throughout domestic and commercial properties and providing a comfortable grip. They can be used on both internal and external doors.

For more modern homes and apartments, take your pick from a range of different shapes. The classic D shapes are simple, smooth and contemporary, or pick a T handle which has extensions at each end for a more linear style. Alternatively, a round bar creates a smoother finish. 

Don’t forget, Door Superstore also stocks a range of door hardware, from hinges and latches to frames and linings so you can get everything you need when installing a new door.

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