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External door handles can be one of the first things that someone entering your home, business or workplace will notice. A rusting, loose or unattractive door handle isn’t going to leave the good first impression that you’re after. Of course, the key consideration of an external door handle is if it’s durable, robust and strong enough to withstand constant weathering and constant use too. They must durable and robust against any potential break-in and those designed for domestic property must often have a keyhole too. Door Superstore brings together a range of external door handles from brands like Excel, Zoo Hardware and more to offer options to domestic residences and commercial residences too. 

For houses and apartments, a range of exterior door handles offer homeowners and landlords plenty of choice with the style of the door handle. Contemporary stainless-steel lever handles will be complementary on modern properties and a variety of traditional black antique iron style handles will be best suited to complete an authentic look on cottages, historic buildings and listed buildings too. Most external door handles for homes are lever handles on a back plate with a keyhole. 

For commercial properties, a range of Grade 304 stainless steel push or pull T-bar door handles are supported by all types of locks and security. The locks aren’t built into many commercial property external door handles but the style of these handles and the hygienic 304 Grade stainless steel combats the issue of potentially hundreds of people touching the door handle each day. 

Once you've chosen your door handle, check out our guide on how to fit a door handle.

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