Lever on Rose Door Handles

Lever on rose door handles are a modern style of door handle that can be found in various finishes that are either in-keeping with the modern theme or offer a more traditional finish. Stainless steel, chrome, antique brass and black chrome give lever on rose door handles the ability to be installed in doors in any type of property to match any décor. 

Lever on rose door handles are either rounded or square without a large backplate and are designed so that you cannot see the fixings and screws keeping the handles in place. This gives a neat finish and a very strong final product too. Lever on rose door handles will need separate key locks fitted too if they’re for a door you’d rather lock with a key because, unlike other handles with keyholes, lever on rose handles aren’t built to accommodate a key lock. 

Thumb turn lever on rose door handles are a common locking solution for this type of handle, perfect for bathrooms. In other instances you could install a mortice lock separately to the handle or a simple door bolt for areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

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