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The Flexifire company has spent a good amount of time working on various fire safety products for doors. Their goal is to ensure bespoke items fit in nicely with your new or existing doors to improve the standards of safety in your property.

Self-adhesive products

You can find many intumescent products available from Flexifire. These can be used on hinges, sashlocks and flush bolts. All you need to do is know which type you need and whether you want it bespoke or in standard cuts.

For those who want to ensure that their intumescent products fit neatly onto the desired door feature, you can choose to purchase sheet material that has not been pre-cut. Regardless of what you choose, there are over 100 individual designs. This means you can rely on a universal fitting.

Flexifire have also made sure that the sheets are safe to handle and contain no fibres or irritants. So you can apply the product to the door hinge, sashlock or flush bolt without going through major preparations.

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