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Front doors are a crucial part of your home, and often the first thing visitors see when coming to your property for the first time. Front doors are also the first point of entry for intruders and potential unwanted visitors, so as well as being visually attractive, your front door needs to be incredibly durable and secure. Therefore it is crucial to ensure you have the perfect front door for your home.

Here at Door Superstore we have a wide range of front doors to choose from, whether you’re looking for wooden front doors, composite front doors, glazed front doors, flush front doors, or even Part L compliant front doors, which are designed specifically for houses that are designed in line with Part L building regulations for energy efficiency.

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Which front door is best?

Wooden front doors

Wooden front doors are one of the most traditional types of front door available. Wooden doors provides an element of classic elegance to your home, and as well as looking good, they are also incredibly durable. As long as you pair your wooden front door with 3 hinges, a certified lock and a deadbolt, your wooden door will also be one of the most secure front doors on the street. Stable doors are another alternative design of wooden doors, where the top and the bottom halves of the wooden door can be opened separately.

Wooden front doors are manufactured from a number of different species of wood, and each type of wood has a slightly different appearance. For example, choose a classic oak front door for a popular rot-resistant, low maintenance design, or opt for a sturdy solid pine front door for a darker shade that can be used in both period and more contemporary properties. 

Composite front doors 

Composite front doors have a less traditional look and more modern manufacturing process. A composite front door is manufactured from materials that include PVC, wood, foam and GRP, which are glued or pressed together to result in a strong, durable front door. Composite doors are often chosen for their strength, but other benefits include their low maintenance characteristics and UV resistance. Additionally, composite front doors are available in a wide range of designs to ensure your front door fits in with the rest of your home. 

Panelled front doors

Panelled front doors can be manufactured from a range of different materials, but are a relatively common design for a secure front door. A panelled front door is manufactured from components that include rails, stiles and infill panels, which provides strength, integrity and security, making them perfect for front doors. Although panelled front doors are relatively traditional, there are a wide range of styles of panelled front doors now to choose from. This means that panelled front doors can be used on modern and more historic properties alike. 

Glazed front doors

Although traditionally front doors are manufactured from a single piece of material, there is now a wide range of front doors with glazing in that provide just as much security or more than a wooden front door made from a single piece of wood. Glazed front doors are popular because they not only provide a touch of decoration, but also provide a source of natural daylight into the home, brightening up the interior. This not only helps reduce energy bills and the use of artificial lights, but also helps make a space feel bigger.

Glazed front doors can be installed with regular glazing, or with double glazing or even triple glazing. By using double or triple glazing you are improving the insulating capacity of your front door, helping to retain heat and minimise energy loss. 

Additionally, glazed front doors can also be installed with frosted glazing. Frosted glass is a great way to ensure light enters the home, and also provides a touch of decoration, but adds a level of privacy by obscuring the view into your home from the exterior.

If you are unsure which glazing you would like, but know you’d like a glazed front door, you can also choose an unglazed front door, which is ready for your choice of glazing to be installed. This is a great way of personalising your front door, and allowing you to create a unique front door of your choice.

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