External Double Glazed Doors

External doors are one of the first things you see when approaching a house or building, so having a stylish and practical exterior door is the perfect way to make a great first impression. Here at Door Superstore we offer a wide selection of double glazed exterior doors, enabling you to find the perfect door for your home or building whilst also saving on energy costs and environmental impact.

Why choose a double glazed external door?

When looking for an external door, double glazed doors have a range of advantages, which can also help to raise the price of your house once you look to sell or rent it, especially as combining double glazed doors with windows will enable it to achieve a higher star energy rating.

Double glazed front doors will keep warmth in during the winter, and the heat out during the summer, which will help massively reduce your energy bills for heating and air conditioning – the air between the two panes of glass create a barrier to keep the differing temperatures from having an effect on the other. Additionally, the double glazing panels dilute noise as it passes through, meaning your home will feel quieter and any outside traffic or other noise will be reduced. 

Another benefit of external double glazed doors is that it reduces condensation and dampness – moisture may sometimes form on the inside of a door or pane of glass and trickle down, damaging the wall, door frame or carpet, but with double glazing the air or gas in between the two panes keeps the inside glass at room temperature, preventing the formation of moisture on the inside.

Types of external double glazed door

Here at Door Superstore we have a range of exterior double glazed doors suitable for your front or back doors. Choose from a traditional simplistic oak front door with small glazed panels, or pick one of our hardwood doors with large double glazed panels. As well as clear and obscure double glazing, we also supply a variety of decorative double glazed doors, which are a great way to add style and difference to your home. Most of our double glazed external doors are supplied unfinished, meaning that you can choose the best varnish, stain or paint for the finishing touch and apply it yourself. In both traditional and contemporary styles, we are confident that you’ll find an exterior double glazed door to add the finishing touches to your home or project. 

Don't hesitate to take a look at our other double glazed front door solutions, such as the external double doors that can be perfect for those who desire larger entrances for the property. 


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