Unglazed External Doors

The external doors of your home provide guests and visitors with a lasting first impression, so finding a door that represents your home is really important. As well as looking great, your front and back doors also need to be practical and functional – withstanding the weather and secure enough to protect your home. 

Unglazed doors provide you with a durable and secure door that is ready for personalisation, inserting the glazing you choose. All our unglazed external doors are hardwood, which provides a quality feel whilst being durable, insulating and low maintenance. They also provide a great first impression to visitors and can completely transform the outside of your home.

Pick obscured or frosted glass to give you privacy in large panel front doors or choose clear glass for smaller window spaces to allow maximum light into your home. Alternatively, insert decorative glass to give your external door some colour and style. For further personalisation opportunities, and to make your door unique, we supply all unglazed external doors as unfinished. This means you can stain, varnish and paint the door yourself to complete the look of your door in the style you require.

For a traditional feel, choose a 6 panel Carolina door – these are commonly used as front doors and painted in a variety of colours. For a back or side door, stable doors are popular – as well as being fully closed, you can open the top half to allow air to flow in whilst keeping the bottom half closed to keep animals and children safe.

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