Bargain Fire - Fire Rated Doors, Locks & Accessories

Safety is top priority for Bargain Fire. With a specialisation in fire rated products, Bargain Fire can provide many innovative items to ensure that you get cost-effective products without risking the safety of your property.

Two major aspects of fire safety is the implementing of fire doors and fire rated locks. Both can be used to greatly improve the quality of safety within a property. Bargain Fire have taken extra steps to ensure their fire safety products are up to date. Offering a wide variety of styles to suit theme alongside being a vital asset to a property.

Bargain Fire doors can withstand at least 30 minutes’ worth of fire protection. For your reassurance, Bargain also makes sure their fire doors are at least FD30.

To ensure the quality of products stays high, each Bargain Fire door is also made to fit FSC certifications. This means that each door has been made with wood products that are renewable, reusable and recyclable. Making the product ideal for easy disposal or replacement if needed. With a fire door you must make sure that all accessories of the door are also compatible with the door itself. From the window closer to fire rated locks and other key features that can impact fire door quality.

Bargain Fire manufacture fire rated locks to ensure their compatibility is of the utmost quality. Not only does each lock match the FD30 requirement or higher, but each product is available in various sizes and styles. No matter which one you require, it is vital you order one that matches or exceeds the FD rated timing.

In-use fire doors must be checked regularly and in accordance with how often the building is used. This could be anything from once a week to once month or less. As aforementioned, it all depends on how busy a building is.

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